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With the combined efforts of a civil engineer (Argemiro) and an architect (Vany), Ace-Granite started as a construction company in 1990. This was the building block of their granite expertise and allowed them to utilize the medium daily to build counters, walls, floors and even ceilings. The couple began the business in Brazil and moved to the US in 2001.
Due to the trend of more reasonable granite prices, it is now an available option for more households than ever before. Granite is very popular in Brazil and Europe and its appeal has recently been stronger in America.
Argemiro and Vany at a granite quarry in Italy
Argemiro and Vany at a granite quarry in Italy

It is the goal of Ace-Granite to emphasize the beauty and durability of granite. Stock and samples are kept inside the warehouse to protect the rich natural colors. The indoor lighting of the warehouse is also helpful to customers, displaying a similar environment to where it may be installed.

Our show room
Our purpose at Ace-Granite is to provide personalized service and pay special attention to our customers' wants and needs. We are a small company delivering the greatest quality. The way we see it, "Who isn't the biggest has to be the best."
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